The Harvest - a group show
19. November — 4. Dezember 2022

The fruits of our efforts and endeavors often show up only after a time lag. Sometimes they do not appear at all, or not in the expected place or in the imagined form.
To create something significant is difficult to plan. It requires intuition, patience and confidence. Especially for artistic and creative work, this often entails open-ended processes. Artist residencies can be a breeding ground for the different phases and needs of this process. They offer space for research, conception, correction and reorientation, for reconfirmation or even realization of an idea. This year, the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen became the site of a special encounter and collaboration. A dialogue that developed over the spring, summer and into the fall is now being transferred into the group exhibition „The Harvest“. The linchpin of the dialogue was the Künstlerdorf’s kitchen garden, which was planted by a group of fellows during the first semester. For the most part, the artists in this exhibition arrived at the Künstlerdorf in August. By that time, the spring group was no longer on site. Their community, stories, and creativity, however, were still palpable in the garden. The energy of the place became the starting point and inspiration for „The Harvest“. The exhibition unites different positions, which in turn already interact with each other and create synergy effects. Some of the works shown stand on their own, others have developed from a dialogue that is traced here. But all positions carry a seed within them that will mature with the subsequent work of their authors or manifest itself in further collaborations. And ultimately, the exhibition is also soil and garden from which we can harvest ideas and draw for ourselves.


Opening Party
16-22 hs.


Brunch & Closing Party
10-20 hs.


Federico Clavarino + Tami Izko
Bethan Hughes
Verena Friedrich
Grashina Gabelmann
Franziska Klose
Feliz Anne Macahis
Lucila Mayol Pohl
Anna Melnykova
Mert Morali
Camilo Pachón
Sebastian Chebo Roitter Pavez
Eiko Tsukamoto