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Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen — Home

Since 1989, the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen supports international artists with its residency program. The stipend-funded fellowship of two to six months enables the realization of projects in the fields of literature, visual arts and composition.

Beyond Literature
1. — 9. Juli 2023

In the second edition of the CAP (Curating for Advanced Practices) program, everything revolves around (new) forms of literature and those who make and facilitate them.

Living Library Schöppingen
20. Februar — 31. Dezember 2023

In the spring and summer of 2023, the library of the Künstlerdorf will become a place of encounter, learning and knowledge. Following the concept of the „Living Library“, a variety of processes, activities, interactions and engagement will take place here. The successive redesign of the library also includes the expansion of the collection with objects, media and perspectives.

installation: Stefanie Manhillen, photo: Seweryn Zelazny
installation: Gili Avissar, photo: Meike Reiners
Fellows 2023

Visual Arts

Sahand Heshmati Afshar, Sol Archer, Layan Attari, Sabrina Basten, Annalee Davis, Lea Gocht, Nonzuzo Gxekwa, Anaïs Hazo, Cyrill Lim*, Shiro Masuyama, Hafiza Qasimi*, Rita Süveges, Mayra Citlalli Rojo Gómez, Tatyana Zambrano

(*project grant)



Michele Abondano, Stefan Beyer, Jose Pedro Cleto Berardinelli

Fellows 2023


Janhavi Acharekar, Lina Atfah, Marija Dejanović, Tanja Dückers, Muna Gurung, Grashina Gabelmann*, Stefan Hornbach, Ali Kigongo, Charmaine Li, Tamar Noort, Adrian Pourviseh, Mia Raben, Nora Schramm, Mae Schwinghammer, Armeghan Taheri, Ralph Tharayil, Vera Vorneweg*

(*project grant)




The Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen is located in two listed manor houses from the early 19th century, situated in the rural area of Münsterland, close to the Dutch border. Each year, the Künstlerdorf awards around 40 grants in the fields of visual arts, literature and composition. Since its founding in 1989, a total of about 900 artists have been invited for a residency. The fellowships are each associated with a two- to six-month stay in the Künstlerdorf. The program is open to international applicants and has no age limit. The selection of the fellows is made by juries of experts, which are renewed on a regular basis.


The program of Künstlerdorf offers the opportunity to regularly gain insight into artistic processes and to engage in personal exchange with the fellows. In addition to ongoing events such as monthly dinners and brunches, the Künstlerdorf organizes the annual CAP (Curating for Advanced Practices) program, which aims to discuss production conditions and implementation issues for artistic practices and to develop new strategies and structures in the arts.


At the end of each year, a publication is issued that includes documentation of the residency fellowships, the ongoing program, and the CAP program. Annual editions serve to support the work of the Künstlerdorf.


In order to sustainably promote the exchange of fellows beyond the residencies, the alumni program offers the possibility to visit the Künstlerdorf as a guest or to participate in later projects. This option is available by arrangement or by invitation.